Part of our mission in helping small businesses thrive is to provide well-informed consulting advice after we’ve done a thorough assessment of their business and learned in-depth about their short term and long- term goals. 

 Marketing strategy is a high demand from them and one of the common questions they ask us is: Why should I hire a social media manager? 

 Our general response is that it’s important to consider hiring a social media manager if you’re looking to develop a uniquely strong online presence. Although you or an employee can manage the account, it’s often better to have someone specifically trained in digital communication, especially using the variety of platforms available. 

 Just a few tips to make your search run smoothly and avoid headaches: 

  • Ask to see the candidate’s social channels. If they claim to have several years of experience but have less than 200 posts or have less than 200 followers, these are red flags. 
  • Check their spelling and grammar to make sure they have a good command of the English language or other language you would like them to use, after all they represent the voice of your brand. 
  • Make sure they agree to a regular schedule of posting, otherwise, the inconsistent delivery can give your audience the wrong impression about your brand. 

A social media manager will be dedicated to crafting posts and responding to comments or requests from your audience online. This frees up your time to focus on your real job as CEO and Visionary for your company.