It’s a common notion that business and art somehow don’t overlap much, when in fact, business is rooted in art and art benefits the most people when channeled through business.

At VisionReady, we know how the power of creativity drives business owners to realize their vision. In this series, we will highlight artist entrepreneurs who are crafting their own unique brand on a level that truly sets them apart.

 Jennifer Turner-Artist

As a child, I was often accused of being ‘in my own little world,’ as I would daydream and play by myself for hours. Now, as an adult, I realize that ‘my own little world’ wasn’t such a bad place to be. I could be anyone or anywhere I dreamed of in my imagination. When I’m ‘in my own little world’ I can find that child inside and truly enjoy the creative process of making art!

I began my creative journey producing photo realistic art. Today, I am focused on creating art using resin abstracts with crystals and semi-precious gemstones.

I had always dreamed of making art my full-time career with my art in galleries and museums all over the world. I strayed away from that idea because I always heard that artists died poor, it’s not something that women do, and there is no place for people of color in that world. The household that I grew up in experienced a LOT of financial struggles, and being poor just wasn’t an option for me. I went to college for graphic and web design and was able to make a decent living from it for over 20 years. My salary grew over the years, but I was left feeling unfulfilled and began searching for ways to fill this creative void.

I went back to drawing, painting and illustrating. I fell in love with oils and pastels all over again but it was something about the combination of the meditative quality of pouring resin and the healing power of crystals that has really caught my heart. In a world full of so much pain and hate, my work speaks to the healing side of that. It fills any environment with high vibrations and the healing essence of the crystals.

To my younger self, I would say ‘Don’t wait to pursue your dreams.

If it’s calling to you, and you feel it in your soul – GO FOR IT!’

— Jennifer Turner

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