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Visionary Partners

What Is A Visionary
Partner ?

A Visionary Partner will enjoy the benefits with this level of investment in all that our marketplace platform has to offer.

From business mastery opportunities to learning tools, from digital marketing strategies to connecting with investors — your business will gain invaluable resources to position your company as a model in your industry. Only 100 spots.

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How Does Being a VisionReady Partner
Benefit You ?

As a minority business owner, you need to continuously network and make new connections. Relationships are at the core of any business – it’s how your business will grow. But sometimes, networking and making new connections isn’t as easy as it sounds. That’s where VisionReady comes in:  Our proven system is centered around Leverage. Empower. Advance. Deliver.


To become a VisionReady partner, a corporation, government agency, and non-profit organizations must have an interest in a diversity program. The entity must be tracking spend with diverse vendors.

We strive for excellence and have made this opportunity affordable by not charging high fees as we value our corporations.



• Alerts for proposals, business leads, and contract opportunities from corporate, Government, non profit partners
• Partnerships for success: Do business with other women, minority, and emerging Businesses
• Match Maker Opportunities


(45 mins consultation included)
• Profile highlights/Video
• Personal Podcast interview

Business Mastery

Complimentary Consultation

(45mins choose one)
• Access to Mastermind Groups
• Access to Business Consultancy


On demand

• Workshops
• Courses

Learning Series

• Wellness Mindset
• How to’s of business
• Business Tips from Experts


• Best Sellers recommended by the community
• List your own book


• Interact with our blog


• Get The Latest updates In Your Email


(45 min consultation included)
• Tech overview and consultant and recommendation
• Google Marketing ability on landing page and SEO on their profile
(Google indexing)
• Access to CRM module

Vendor Store

Opportunity to promote products and services to a wider audience network with highly capable businesses, trusted corporations and other vendors.
($49 monthly subscription included)

Advance your business to scale. Be VisionReady to deliver!

VisionReady Certified

Minority certification opens the door for opportunities to bid and leverage contracts from corporations and government entities.

Financial Consumer Empowerment

• Access to Investors
• Access to Funding


National/Global Events

• VR Fest-Invitation to join our community in a 3-day excursion of learning, leading, and growth.
• Pitch Tank- An opportunity to pitch your business to Angel Investors
• Capability pitch contest sponsored by VisionReady
(winner gets $5,000)
• VR Talk- Be ready to be on stage and tell your story

Exclusive VIP Adventure

As a Visionary Partner, you will receive exclusive invitations up to two incredible adventures per year. Visionary Partners will learn, network, and play in such diverse situations as a private villa in Italy, the cascading beaches of Maldive, yacht adventures in South Beach, a private invitation to Vineyards in South Africa, and much more.