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Alica Del Valle Brings the World Together

At Airbnb, Del Valle dedicates herself to cultivating a genuine sense of trust and acting with compassion. Her goal is to invest in the growth and development of each member of her team, ensure that they feel empowered to work independently and provide whatever support they need.

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Virtual Launch Wine Tasting Label Meaning

The meaning of the names of my labels, and the artwork, range from musical definitions (I’m also a musician) to things relevant to Black people which are also empowering.
Motif – a brief melodic or rhythmic formula out of which longer passages are developed; a recurring element.

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Small Business in Communities

Lately, more and more minorities have been growing in the workforce, especially as small-business owners. However, with the situation going on in the world right now this has impacted businesses owners of all ethnicities, cultures, backgrounds, and religions. It seems that more and more minorities are starting small businesses.

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