3 Ways to Build a Digital Brand that Sticks

So much of our internet presence is determined by our level of engagement on social media. This includes the kind of social platforms we use, the content we post, what we “Like” and the comments or replies we post on the feeds of others.

If what you do seems to be random — with no underlying theme to what you say or where you say it — then no one can get enough data to truly get to know you in the virtual space. It’s like being invisible. Consider the following tips to get your avatar noticed and eventually YOU as a unique personal brand.

Choose your audience.

And be specific. Be very specific. People who say “Oh, anybody and everybody” end up speaking to nobody. This person you’d like to reach — they’re part of what generation? Are they married? With children? In college? Living in the Midwest? What’s they’re gender identity? Food allergies? Immigrated to the US? Do they knit or like monster trucks or both? Don’t forget to give them a name, for example, Chris.

Give Chris what Chris wants.

Something to ease the pain. Fix a problem. Bring joy or relaxation. Help learn a skill. After getting Chris’ attention, you’re well on your way to gaining the trust and loyalty of a potential long term follower.

Don’t stop delivering content.

Whether it’s a book, podcast, or live speaking engagement, you have to put yourself out there to stay visible, relevant and gain more followers like Chris. It doesn’t matter what social platform you use. What’s most important is your consistency in posting content that gets clicks, shares and comments.

If one statement could summarize the three points above, it would be that a strong digital brand is a direct reflection of what your audience aspires to be.