Diverse Partner




  • Alerts for proposals, business leads, and contract opportunities from corporate partners
  • Partnerships for success: Do business with other Minority Businesses

Business Mastery:

⇒Complimentary Consultation (45mins choose one)

  • Access to Mastermind Groups
  • Access to Business Consultancy


⇒Learning Series

  • Wellness
  • How to’s of business
  • Business Tips from Experts

⇒ On-demand

  • Workshops
  • Courses


  • Minority Best Sellers recommended by the community



Vendor: Opportunity to promote products and services to a wider audience
network with highly capable businesses trusted corporations and other vendors.
Advance your business to scale. Be VisionReady to deliver! ($99 monthly subscription)

VisionReady Certified: Minority certification opens the door for opportunities to bid and leverage contracts from corporations and government entities

Financial Consumer Empowerment:

  • Access to Investors

  • Access to Funding


National/Global Events:

  • Pitch Tank- An opportunity to pitch your business to Angel Investors

  • VR Fest-Invitation to join our community in a 3-day excursion of learning, leading, and growth.

Partnerships are billed annually.