Become an Ambassador

Ambassador Role

Who are VisionReadyAmbassadors?

VisionReady Ambassadors consist of Minority Business Owners. Our ambassadors are experts and leaders in their perspective business field. They are valued and respected peers with extensive networks. Most importantly, they are advocates of VisionReady, dedicated to communicating our mission and promoting the value of certification and partnership.

What do VisionReady Ambassadors do?

Ambassadors are jacks-of-all trades. Specifically, they are…


Ambassadors educate others about the benefits of having a supplier diversity program, the value of being an MBE and the advantage of doing business with Minority Businesses.


Ambassadors increase outreach, opportunities, and work to improve coordination between VisionReady Certified Partners and Corporations.


Ambassadors maximize connections and help businesses achieve supplier diversity
program goals through communication of proven methodology and successes modeling a commitment to supplier diversity, advocate growth and innovation, in corporate supplier diversity programs for MBOs.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Must identify at least 5 Visionary Partner in your region
  • Must bring in at least 24 new MBOs
  • Facilitator of Meetings and Events in your area
  • Identifier of Corporations with exiting or non-existing Supply Diversity Programs

We are beyond grateful that you are taking this journey with VisionReady!

“If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” — Zig Ziglar