Ambassador Program:

Be part of building your community by becoming an Ambassador

What would that look like?

 VisionReady Ambassador Program

 The VisionReady Ambassador program is an initiative structured to enhance the value of membership by increasing member satisfaction and involvement.

Ambassadors build connections and grow awareness about VisionReady and Supplier Diversity. They are strong advocates of VisionReady and strive to create opportunity and connections between MBOs and Corporate Partners.

VisionReady relies on its Ambassadors to continuously represent the organization throughout their tenure and to educate others about the value of advocacy by sharing success stories and best practices. The Ambassadors are an invaluable resource to connecting, networking, and closing on VisionReady behalf.

 Ambassadors are: 


Ambassadors educate others about the benefits of having a supplier diversity program, the value of being an MBO and the advantage of doing business with Minority Businesses.


Ambassadors increase outreach, opportunities, and work to improve coordination between VisionReady Certified Partners and Corporations.


Ambassadors maximize connections and help businesses achieve supplier diversity program goals through communication of proven methodology and successes modeling a commitment to supplier diversity and advocate growth and innovation, in corporate supplier diversity programs for MBOs.

 Benefit: (for one year)

 Diverse Partner

Tier 2:




  • Alerts for proposals, business leads, and contract opportunities from corporate partners
  • Partnerships for success: Do business with other Minority Businesses

Business Mastery:

Complimentary Consultation (45mins choose one)

  • Access to Mastermind Groups
  • Access to Business Consultancy


Learning Series

  • Wellness
  • How to’s of business
  • Business Tips from Experts

On demand

  • Workshops
  • Courses


  • Minority Best Sellers recommended by the community



 Vendor: Opportunity to promote products and services to a wider audience
network with highly capable businesses, trusted corporations and other vendors.
Advance your business to scale. Be VisionReady to deliver!

VisionReady Certified: Minority certification opens the door for opportunities to bid and leverage contracts from corporations and government

 Financial Consumer Empowerment:

  • Access to Investors
  • Access to Funding


National/Global Events:

  • Pitch Tank- An opportunity to pitch your business to Angel Investors
  • VR Fest-Invitation to join our community in a 3-day excursion of learning, leading, and growth.

Perk: All memberships brought in under your initiative earns a 5% monthly kickback as an appreciate from VisionReady.