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Our mission is to provide women-owned, minority-owned, and emerging businesses with resources, thought leadership, and networking opportunities to thrive and succeed through our digital transformation marketplace.


Visionary Partner

As a Visionary Partner you will enjoy ALL the benefits that our marketplace platform offers to grow your business to the next level.

Diversity Partner

As a Diversity Partner you will unlock the benefits for more opportunities to thrive!

Corporate Partner

A Corporate Partner is a large public, private or foreign-owned company, university, hospital, government agency, or other large institution with a diversity program.

Our Culture

VisionReady Marketplace:

VisionReady is a digital transformation marketplace founded by Petula Sankarsingh, a seasoned executive and serial entrepreneur that holds over 20 years of experience in Business Development & Operations. This marketplace is a community dedicated to building and developing business skills, growing business networks, obtaining more projects, and securing more deals. Most importantly, it focuses on helping women-owned, minority-owned and emerging businesses thrive in the marketplace by connecting them with experts, leaders, and developed companies.

Furthermore, VisionReady consists of Ambassadors that are Business Owners with expertise and leadership in their prospective business field. These business owners educate people about the benefits of having a well-planned diversity program, the value of being an diverse company, and the benefits of doing business with other diverse business. On the other hand, VisionReady consist of Sponsorship Opportunity that helps develop companies, invest in their business and grow for a better tomorrow.

Who We Are:

VisionReady is a value-driven company with a passion to disrupt verticals, that refuse to change or create value for their clients. We pride ourselves on our client’s success by creating meaningful and mutually beneficial connections that provide opportunities for new partnerships and investments.

What we do:
VisionReady believes in empowering diverse businesses with the right connections, and tools to help grow their business
through Our digital transformation Marketplace Connector.


What is VisionReady SURECertify?

SURECertify is a certification process that validates minority businesses who are qualified to do business with corporations under their diversity program.

SURECertify utilizes VisionReady’s proprietary intelligent technology to confirm business identity and reduces the certification timeline, allowing for timely on-boarding.

Once minority business is certified, their profile will become “Active” within the Connector Marketplace with a “SURE” status.

Connector– The Marketplace
Bid on projects from leading corporations. Find out about the latest business opportunities
or upload your own projects for bidding.

VisionReady Business Mastery
Create meaningful and mutually beneficial connections with other women, minority and emerging businesses,
corporations, and vendors. Meet potential new partners and investors for future projects.

Leverage new business skills. Get empowered and gain more insights.
Advance your business successfully with access to the right tools and resources.

Be ready to DELIVER!